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Dr. Cathy Colet is a Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. Dr. Colet specializes in an array of clinical and forensic evaluations. Specifically, Dr. Colet has expertise in criminal, civil, and family law. Dr. Colet is frequently called upon to provide evaluations to various government and private entities, as well as provide expert witness testimony in the court setting. She has extensive experience in conducting neuropsychological, psychosexual/sexual behavior-specific evaluations, as well as evaluations assessing for intellectual deficits, learning disorders, personality, mood, and thought disorders and trauma.

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Criminal Law

Dr. Colet has extensive experience and advanced training within the criminal side of forensic psychology (i.e., Competency and Criminal Responsibility, Forensic Report Writing). Dr. Colet performs competency to proceed (adult and juvenile), competency to waive Miranda rights, criminal responsibility (insanity defense), assessment of violence risk, assessment of sexual behavior risk, and mitigation (downward departure; diminished capacity).

Family Law

On the Family Law side of forensic psychology, Dr. Colet has completed specialized training to conduct custody evaluations. She has a substantial amount of experience conducting parental capacity and child custody evaluations. She is frequently called upon to provide evaluations to various government and private entities, as well as to provide expert witness testimony in the court setting.

Immigration Law

Dr. Colet has advanced training in immigration law. Dr. Colet provides expert forensic psychological services in the following areas of immigration law: Extreme and Exceptional Hardship, Political Asylum, Spousal Abuse, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Competency to Participate in Immigration Proceedings, and Same-Sex Couples Hardship Waivers.

Dr. Colet is available to perform psychological evaluations and criminal psychological assessments at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers and correctional facilities.

Negligence Law (Personal Injury, Emotional Injury)

Regarding Negligence Law, Dr. Colet has firsthand experience working within a Level 1 Trauma Center and worked directly with the trauma patients and their families. Dr. Colet assists both plaintiffs and defense attorneys in a wide range of issues involved in personal injury cases, intentional harm, or negligent acts, including, but not limited to: traumatic brain injuries, motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence, personal injury evaluation, rollover accidents, catastrophic injuries, etc.


Dr. Colet has a considerable amount of experience in assessing and evaluating the

full range of symptoms resulting from personal injuries, including claims of chronic pain, personality changes, flashbacks, and memory deficits as well as malingering and deception.

Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation

Pre-Employment Psychological Screenings are commonly used for the following employment positions: Police Officer, Firefighters, Correction Officer, Probation Officers, and other professionals. Dr. Colet has experience in conducting Pre-Employment Psychological evaluations, which assess the individual’s ability to perform the essential functions of the position in consideration.

Dr. Colet was part of the Operation Youth Violence Task Force in West Palm Beach County where she worked closely with police officers. She had the opportunity to observe the different features of police culture. One prominent feature of police culture is a sense of duty and a focus on the mission of policing. Dr. Colet had the unique opportunity to be a part of the task force and witness the solidarity among police officers.


Providing ethically sensitive, evidenced-based assessments that improve the welfare of our clients, which assist the trier of fact, and whose actions are in the service of social equality and are directed without judgement on the basis of age, race, gender, religion, or sexual preference.

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